In November, “The Place Where Cards Dropped” built a new home on Switch and PC

The popular puzzle game Where Cards Fall from Blaseball developer The Game Band finally migrated from mobile devices to Switch and PC on November 4. The game was first released on Apple Arcade in 2019, where it won praise and multiple awards.

The fantastic experience allows you to build a house of cards, just like using cards to build actual buildings, helping guide the unknown boy through obstacles. Along the way, you will unlock your memories and weave a story of emotional growth from children to adults. A collection of 50 exquisite space puzzles awaits you, and the mobile-centric control scheme has been redesigned for PC and Switch.

About a year ago, senior editor Blake Hester interviewed The Game Band to learn more about the origin of “Card Fall”, the feeling of working with Apple, and how the team took the game to other places. You can read it here.