In the dark age of survival RTS, thousands of enemies are not the only threat

Time is the most precious resource in “Dark Age: Final Battle”. RTS magic means that the quarry will never lack iron and stone, and the trees will always have more wood to harvest. But replacing every soldier killed in a careless expansion advancement meant wasting precious time that could have been used to strengthen my defenses for the next night of death.

Just like they are billions and other defense strategy games, the Dark Ages only give you enough time to prepare before thousands of undead nightmares hit your wall. Here, your task is to defend against the night of death by building a fortress-a large number of undead creatures will be sent to you every few days and nights to defend the remains of civilization. In addition, there is a deadly fog, Steam page I have quoted it many times and I think someone will be insulted if I don’t mention it. Fog: deadly. That will be the final exam.

(Image source: Team17)

Anyone with RTS experience will be familiar with a survival mode game that just started. You have your central fortress, a champion unit, some basic troops, and some nearby resources to start harvesting. But soon, “Dark Age” began to deviate from the classic formula.