In the first season of The Witcher, Ye Nifu finally got the reward he deserved

Compared with Geralt or Ciri in Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher, the reader is in Yennefer’s mind It takes much less time. Of the three roles that the Netflix version focuses on, she has the most blanks. In the first season, we met her in an unprecedented way.

Yenifu’s magical ability first appeared when she subconsciously teleported from the farm where she grew up in the Kingdom of Aden to the Seagull Tower in Aretuza, presumably attracted by its magical energy. She was trying to escape the villagers who tortured her because of her spine curvature. Her natural gift for magic—her connection with chaos—was triggered by fear and anger. This is what this version of Yenifu has in common with Xili and the elven bloodlines. (In the book, they also share a birthday.)