In the invisible situation, you must save a robot city from becoming a monster in real time

Unsighted is a sci-fi top-down action-adventure game that takes players to the world of Arcadia ruled by robots. In this land, humanoid robots are endowed with consciousness due to an energy source called anima. Unfortunately, this fuel is running out, and when it runs out, these machines will become unconscious killers called Unsighted. As Automata Alma, you are seeking to find the missing partner and restore Anima before it is too late for herself and her people.

Alma has a huge arsenal of melee and long-range weapons, from various swords to blaster guns, shotguns, and even flamethrowers. Being proficient in fast-paced battles requires regular parry to deflect physical attacks, while triggering active reloading allows your gun to shoot bullets as continuously as possible. Building an Alma that suits your game style requires unlocking a skill tree and providing chips. These chips can also be made or discovered during exploration. Unsighted can be solved alone or with friends in a two-person cooperative game.

Arcadia is a vast maze world full of secrets and important NPCs. The core function of Unsighted is an in-game timer that counts down in real time. It takes a long time to reach someone, and they may exhaust their energy and turn into witnesses, forcing you to fight them. This may even happen to the character who provided the task and yourself. Therefore, Unsighted has multiple endings that depend on whether and when you can interact with it or save the character before the end of the character time, providing a lot of replay value.

Unsighted looks promising, we don’t have to wait a long time to see how its unique premise is shaken. It was launched on September 30 and is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. You can also try the demo on Switch and Steam now.