In the Succubus demo, you eat a fetus to gain health

Here are some of the things I did during the one hour of playing the demo for Succubus.

  • Tore a baby from a woman and drink its blood.
  • A man’s chin was knocked off, his penis was torn off, and then he stepped on it.
  • Watching a man feed his feces to a devilish child with a big head.
  • Kick the “martyr” into spikes.
  • Use hell bugs as sponges to bathe in the blood.

Succubus is a derivative product of Agony, a horror game set in hell released by Madmind Studio in 2018. Anger gauge is no better than a foot like the one in the dark Messiah. You play as Vydija, a “demon priestess of desire” who wants to avenge those demons who wronged you.