In this sci-fi game, the world of Star Wars collides with anime-style action

Usually, for this column, I spend time combing through various hashtags on Twitter to see what happened. This week, I’m very happy to follow a steady stream of released and upcoming games for #PitchYaGame. This is an awards ceremony and hashtag for independent developers, where people can show off their games. In some cases, I am happy to see WIP covered in the previous column. But it also opens up a world of secret work for developers who don’t often post.

We have newly discovered gems and more Cool work in progress, Polygon’s eye-catching clips compiled weekly, as well as screenshots of works in progress. Every week, Polygon staff will search the Internet for the most interesting games still under construction and provide you with samples of the coolest emerging projects.

This week we have an amazing science fiction game with incredible attack animations, a beautiful open world game where you can help pandas find peace, a horror game inspired by monster movies in the 80s, An elegant rhythm game, and a role-playing game inspired by anime in the 90s.

You won’t believe it was made by one person

Felix Schade is the developer and Creator of Sick Metal, They describe it as a sci-fi action roguelite, in which you can transform to accumulate sick combos.A sort of Clip sharing The author Schade showed that the characters in the game move quickly from one enemy to another, while releasing a series of flash attacks suitable for the most gorgeous JRPG. Sick Metal No release date yet, but you can update frequently Damaged Twitter account.

A shaky but very determined panda warrior

According to developer Namra, Akka It is a game about helping the former warrior panda find inner peace.From what we can see In a clip shared on Twitter, The game has drawing-style graphics and the ability to curl up and take a nap in certain places-including the giant capybara.The game’s release window is 2022, and you can Developer’s Twitter account.

Watch out for this parasite

This top-down dual-bar shooting game is called Demon Spore It looks like it will make you escape.A sort of Clips posted by the developer Ed Kay showed this flesh-like monster, which seeps from the center of the laboratory and passes through the entire room. According to Kay, the game is inspired by monster movies in the 80s.There is no publishing window yet, but as usual, you can follow Developer update.

This rhythm game makes assembling furniture look fun

Please turn on your voice to play this video; The music that matches the rhythm game is so cute.This game is called Drill and blasting, Described as a collection of rhythm games.A sort of A clip of a small game The place where the nails are struck has bright and cheerful tracks, reminiscent of songs from Nintendo games. As the screen scrolls, you will keep the beat and hit the nails. Drill and blasting There is no release date, but you can keep up to date with the latest information Twitter account of the studio.

This game looks directly from a cartoon clip on Saturday morning

Wandering star It is a role-playing game inspired by anime in the 90s. A hook is that you can combine various adjectives to design your own attack. A clip A video from the developer Paper Castle Games shows a fighter attacking an enemy with an “amazing water fist.”The release date of the game has not yet been announced, but you can follow the team Their twitter account.