Incoming Paradox CEO admits “misconduct”

New CEO Paradox interaction Bring Twitter Acknowledge the mistakes of the past. In a series of tweets, the current CEO Fredrik Wester admitted to “improper behavior” towards another employee in 2018, but he did not specify what the behavior was.

“I never intended to make anyone around me uncomfortable, but it still happened, and I’m sorry,” West explained. “After this episode, I have been working with my coaches and mentors to better understand the impact of my behavior and make myself better.”

West claimed to do this because “responsibility starts at the top”, and although this reduces his credibility as a leader, it still needs to be done. “I know that this makes my business less credible when dealing with these issues internally, so I won’t be directly involved in it. This will be done by Paradox’s human resources department with external help, but if needed, of course I will get my Full support. “

This was shortly after the publication of a report on how a union investigation revealed the alleged “offensive behavior” in the report that took place in Paradox, especially the women working there. This also happened after former CEO Ebba Ljungerud resigned due to “different views on the company’s strategy.”

It is difficult to say how serious Wester and Paradox as a whole are about harassment and discrimination in the workplace, especially considering that Wester did not specify what he did wrong, and that despite the wrongdoing, he is still in a position of power. Workplace harassment is still an industry-wide problem, as evidenced by recent lawsuits against Activision Blizzard and countless other incidents in many companies.