Independent developers find that Linux users generate more and better error reports

An independent developer discovered an interesting phenomenon: Although only 5.8% of his game buyers play on Linux, they generate more than 38% of error reports. Nor is it because the Linux platform is flawed. Only 3 of the approximately 400 bug reports submitted by Linux users are platform-specific, that is, they will only occur on Linux.

Developer, post as Koderski for developer Kodera Software Reddit, Making an independent game ΔV: Saturn’s Ring-For non-rocket scientific intellectuals, this is Delta V, or DV. This is a hard science, physics-based space mining and pirated game. I personally like it very much because it integrates playability and still respects the basic knowledge of space flight. If you like space combat, for example, The Expanse, DV is a simulation game that may be suitable for you.