Inferno #1 Comment: Marvel has opened another X-Men book that defines the era

Two years ago, in Jonathan Hickman’s X House #1, a few words changed Marvel’s X-Men comics: “When you sleep, the world changes.” in it Dawn of XAfter that, the X-Men consolidated their island of Kracoa and became a national haven for mutants.In follow-up activities Sword X, They are reunited with their lost brothers, and most recently Hellfire Party Establish Mars as the Arrakko planet and put the X-Men on the galaxy stage.

Although the X-Men elevated their position in the universe and gathered their power, under the surface of Krakóya (sometimes even literally), secrets and tensions have boiled over.Now, Professor X, Magneto, Mystic, Destiny, Emma Frost and Moira X, who have been hidden for a long time, are entering a conflict, which may curse the entire country in the new book Purgatory, Starting on September 29.

Who is making Inferno?

Jonathan Hickman is back, adding Valerio Schiti’s pencils, David Curiel’s colors, Joe Sabino’s letters, and Like all Krakoan X-Comics, Tom Muller’s design works. Hickman started this era with two series of Titanic, X House with The power of X. Schiti recently launched sword In collaboration with Al Ewing, his theatrical talent is as compelling in the political conspiracy here as in the space opera of the title.This is a team that lives up to the incredible pedigree Hawkespo.

Image: Valerio Schiti/Marvel Comics

What is Inferno about?

X House with The power of X It is determined that Moira MacTaggart, a long-time ally of the X-Men, is a secret mutant with reincarnation power. In her first ninth lives, Moira discovered that mutants were always doomed to extinction, because the creation of artificial intelligence always led to the evolution of post-humans much faster than the natural evolution of mutants, and eventually became one with the ruler. A god-like machine-a creature that is not limited by space and time. The creation of the Krakoa Nation and everything that it has brought — the unity of all mutants, the exploration of mutant technology, and the creation of mutant resurrection — ostensibly served her plan, and finally found a way to defeat this. Kind of inevitability.

In one of her previous lives, Moira was also hostile to the fate of the deceased wife of the mysterious goddess. Although they claim that Krakoa applies to all mutants, Professor X and Magneto hypocritically use their power to ensure that any deceased mutants they believe pose a threat to the country or themselves are still dead. They rejected Mystique’s request to be reunited with her wife, a decision that might cost them a heavy price.

As Purgatory At the beginning, multiple threads began to converge. The first great post-human intelligence, Nimrod, not only went online, but also defeated the X-Men many times. Several seats in the quiet committee that governs Kracoa are left vacant, leading to a power vacuum. Those who are still in power have crossed several moral boundaries, creating new tensions between factions in this land. Moira herself seemed to have made plans beyond what she allowed Xavier and Magneto to know. Finally, Mystique received Destiny’s will, demanding that the place be burned down. Mutants have never been so powerful, but as political plans distract people from the huge imminent threat, mutants feel that they may explode at any time; no one can trust when trust is most important to survival.

Why is Inferno happening now?

Purgatory Is in conclusion Go to Hickman’s X-Men story chapter. He did not continue his original plan. According to his description, this seemed to end the current status quo, and he chose to write the last event. Purgatory Should immediately let other creators continue to explore this rich space, while also providing satisfactory thematic conclusions for the first act Hawkespo.

Mystery of Hell #1

Image: Valerio Schiti/Marvel Comics

Is there anything I must read?

An event aimed at ending the beginning HoXPoX, These two series are quite important reading. also, X-Men #6 with X-Men #20 Establish two major crossover events.In addition to these 18 questions, the current series Villain, X-Force, with marauders Not necessary, but most likely to enrich the experience.although Hell #1 Without paying too much attention to the characters, the marketing of the series shows that the characters in these series-Colossus, Emma Frost, Lingdie and Bishop-will all play important roles.In addition, each series contains secrets, crimes, conspiracies, and hypocrisy, which may be related to PurgatoryThe conflict progressed as it progressed.

Is Hellfire easy to use?

Hell #1 While returning and expanding the bold concepts introduced in this period, many plots and characters are skillfully handled. Sitty’s conclusion on the issue sparked a political debate that was as compelling and powerful as the massacre that caused the issue. Although Hickman’s recent work lacks motivation, hell, Starting from the first page, promise to accelerate. Everyone involved in this comic is executing their best work, and the problem that arises is a work with the best X-Men comics. Even Hordeculture, a group of elderly villains that your reviewers once considered unbearable, is pleasant to read.

Purgatory Promise to return Hawkespo All but one way: Purgatory Not alone. The ideas, stories, and character arcs here are not just Hickman’s. He did not write as a director who ended his story independently, but as one of the contributors to many great works. Purgatory If there are not many, it will be a different story Dawn of X with X’s rule Title, (especially the singular Villain), with Purgatory If it were the only headline published by the line, or the only headline that felt so bold, it would read quite differently. This is definitely not the case: Raid apocalypse, SWORD, with Magneto’s Trial Everyone has recently taken a step in their own exciting direction.

Purgatory Have the opportunity to surpass Hawkespo Because its function is to celebrate the attraction of superhero manga as a unique genre: a story that develops in a shared universe made by many voices. There are great soloists in any medium, but only in this medium, in this genre, can you find such a compelling choir.

A panel that pops up

Emma said

Image: Valerio Schiti/Marvel Comics

Purgatory It seems that in the near future, when Emma Frost resurrected Magneto and Professor X, she started with an incredibly stunning image. What hides his face: Cerebro mask.It is the inversion of the definition image Hawkespo, It is expected to bring exciting changes in upcoming issues.

Purgatory #1 Appear anywhere you pick up the manga Digital supplier.