Infinite Loop Charlie | How to complete the separation of conditions, space invaders

bear Charlie in Conditional Separation Is the key point of your time Endless loop. Not only can you begin to solve some of the key clues in Blackreef’s potential mystery, but you can also guarantee easy access to the most powerful Slab: Shift.

Just like the flashing ability in Arkane’s previous game series “Dishonored”, Shift allows Colt to be teleported to nearby locations almost instantly, opening up a variety of new opportunities for exploration and combat.

Most importantly, depending on how you handle Deathloop, the attack on Charlie’s Condition Detachment may be one of the most intense combat experiences anywhere in the game-so be prepared.

Lucky players may have grabbed the Shift Slab from Juliana at this time, if you want to use a more cautious method, this will be very helpful. However, we will discuss how to deal with Charlie’s method with and without Shift.

How to complete conditional separation without Shift

If you have not obtained Shift Slab, then you may be caught in a fierce battle.

Charlie’s game opens at Updaam at noon. If you don’t have a decent set of weapons in your inventory, you may want to bypass The Library first and open some rare item boxes.

Either way, Charlie’s game is on a bridge to the left of Updaam.

Go there, deal with the eternalists on the way, then climb the stairs to the main entrance.

Without Shift, you will have to deal with many enemies in the old-fashioned way, but fortunately, like many Deathloops, if you play well, they will often appear in groups of around 5 people.

After the first door in the outer area of ​​the game, you will immediately face about five eternalists, but they may unknowingly gain a little advantage.

Without Shift, there won’t be many sneaky side passages open to you, so it’s best to enter the game from the front door by pressing the button next to it.

Look to the right at the stairs. The game is full of eternalists, and when you first pass through this area without Shift, you will have to walk to the top.

Doing so is likely to sound the alarm, and then, once you reach the top, Charlie will retreat into the bunker on the roof of the building.

On the top floor, you can see the planets hanging from the ceiling, and a side door leads to a laser-filled room. Disarm the laser by shooting the mines to which they are connected from a safe distance, and then go out to the roof.

There are more laser mines that need to be lifted, and Charlie’s bunker is on the other side.

The front door of the bunker is locked, so climb to the top of it and climb to the other side. This door is open, but please prepare your Hackamijig to disable the waiting turret.

Turn left in this area and you will enter Charlie’s bedroom. Check the notes and picture frames beside his bed, then mix the wooden boards on the door into the storage office, where you can read more clues on the computer terminal.

Now rushing out of his bunker, you can find Charlie moving around the main game area, yelling.

Keep quiet and let your gun train in a specific location. Eventually Charlie will move to the right in your crosshairs, and you can easily kill him.

Now with Shift Slab, you can join the space invader mission section below.

How to use Shift to complete conditional separation

If you have already acquired Shift Slab, defeating Charlie for the first time-and in subsequent runs-is a much simpler task.

When you approach the front of the containment team. You can move up to the window on the right to get a better view of the eternalists ahead, or avoid them altogether.

Then in front of the front door, jump on the red rock on your left and Shift up, then walk forward where you can see an Eternalist looking out to the sea.

Deal with them, then turn around and look up to the cliff. Climb up as much as possible, then you can jump and Shift to the green bunker above, effectively skipping the entire game.

Go through the locked back door and turn left into Charlie’s bedroom. Look for new clues in the notes and picture frames beside his bed, then break the wooden board on the door and enter the storage room.

Here you can find more notes and a computer where you can read more information.

Since you didn’t go through here to raise the alarm, Charlie-with some eternalists next to him-either gave a speech on the top floor or hid in a small room on the top floor.

It was time to kill him loudly, either by throwing a grenade into the next room or swinging a shotgun in.

Either way, if you have to withdraw from the action, go back to Charlie’s office. Once he is frightened, Charlie will constantly turn around in the game to find you.

When this happens, you can camp in one place and have a good line of sight on one of the floors, and then wait for him to blink directly into your crosshairs to easily win.

After mastering some new resources, you can continue to search for the clues found in Charlie’s bedroom.

How to turn on the rocket engine:

When you first struggle with Charlie, you may get a piece of information saying that you can quickly kill everyone by starting the rocket engine connected to the game.

This method is not really feasible until later in the game, when your attention turns to Dr. Wenjie.

To start the rocket, you mean plug the rechargeable battery into all the sockets in the rocket cockpit on the third floor, and then ask Charlie’s computer butler 2-Bit to start the engine.

  • The batteries are scattered around the game, and there are already two batteries in the cockpit.
  • When you move up one side of the building, you will find one in a nearby locker.
  • The other is to power the machines on the first floor.
  • Finally, the last battery is located next to the Class Pass door under the house.

Load all the batteries, then return to the 2-Bit on the third floor, and he can launch the rocket-nevertheless, it is a difficult task to complete all these tasks without causing an alarm.

How to complete the space invader mission and find a cover in Deathloop

In the afternoon, follow the protagonist to Frista Rock from Charlie’s bedroom. According to the picture, you are looking for the wreckage of the crashed plane and the door marked with the number “09”.

Turn left when you leave the Colt tunnel at Fristad Rock, then turn right under the sign to enter the mining area, where there are some lingering eternalists.

Look to the right and see the frozen water. You should see the wreckage of the plane.

Continue to the left, then go around the cliff face and look to the left. Hidden here you will find door 09.

Inside the bunker, continue through the corridor and then through the door on the right. Interact with the book on the console and you will get another clue.

This time you need to go to Carl Bay to collect a password that can help you enter this bunker.

Heading to Karl’s Bay, if you turn right from the tunnel in Colt, the Yerhva you are pointing to is right in front of you.

Enter the password into the safe, and you will get new clues to track Fia, as well as interesting passwords from surrounding notes and the password of Wenjie Lab, which you can use later.

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