Infinite Loop Frank | How to prevent Otto’s fire and destroy fireworks

One of the more nuanced visionaries on the music master Blackreef frank It’s the life of a party-known as lively, talkative, and inclined to luxurious displays.

exist Endless loopColt can use this spirit of celebration to assassinate Frank in one of the weirdest and most secret missions in the game.

Occurring in multiple cycles and locations, Frank, the Lamblin Song, is an intricate story with fair twists and rewards-this is the way to accomplish everything.

How to complete the song of Ramblin’ Frank in Deathloop

First, as you explore other areas of Blackreef, you will automatically learn about Frank’s night fireworks show.

Since Frank’s schedule was meaningless with other visionary people, Colt made a plan to use Frank’s fireworks on him.

To learn more about where fireworks are stored, visit Updaam in the morning and then head to the fireworks boutique with the Otto’s Workshop logo on the left side of Dorsey Square.

Dorsey Square is located in the upper right corner of Updaam, past Colt’s apartment, behind The Library.

In Otto’s studio, there is a terminal pointing to Carl Bay, where you can find the firework container behind Hangar 2-where you face Harriet’s hangar.

How to prevent Otto’s fire in the cycle of death

A note on the outside of the container will send you back to Otto’s, and the container’s code will be sent to the same terminal you read in the early afternoon.

Go back to Otto’s house in the afternoon and you will find it burned down. You need to come back to put out the fire the next morning, so that you can collect the password in the afternoon.

Go back to Updaam in the morning and check the firework machine, you will find it is working overtime-if any, this is a fire hazard.

In order to prevent fire, you need to destroy the generator connected to the firework machine and connect to different junction boxes along the luminous wires on the floor.

There is one behind Otto, guarded by two eternalists.

Then there is another one next to the fireworks machine.

After that, there was another in the house across the road from Otto.

Next, you can find another junction box outside the Colt apartment next to the library.

Finally, there is a junction box in the basement of the library. This is a dangerous place and it seems difficult to get in and out alive.

Try to sneak under the bridge in front and next to the entrance.

There is a door here, you can pass through, and then move through the laser, black out a few cameras, and then destroy the generator on the stairs on your right.

It’s dark here, but pay attention to the red light in front of the box.

Make sure that no more glowing wires enter the machine, then leave the area and return in the same cycle in the afternoon.

Interact with the terminal and you will get the code of the Carl Bay container. Go back there and investigate.

Looking at the firework control box, there is another problem: you don’t know which part to destroy, let alone what is deadly enough under Frank’s attention.

How to destroy Frank’s fireworks in Deathloop

In order to get the information you need, it’s time to head to Frank’s club and recording studio in Friesand Rock in the morning.

You can sneak into the club through one of the rooftops, underground tunnels, or get the ClassPass from the machine next to the front door and give up temporary use of your Slabs for easy entry.

If you use ClassPass, you can keep it active and go to the secret door under Charlie’s Condition Detachment at noon (if you wish).

Or, if you want to sneak in, you can go around the back of the club and look for buoys in the water. Attack the fire grate you found in the cave in melee, and you are inside Frank.

But in any case, in Frank’s club, either sneaked past the gathered eternalists or introduced himself roughly.

Frank’s closed recording studio is above the main entrance of the club, but you have to climb the stairs on the other side of the building and cross again to get there.

The loud approach is not a terrible idea, because you have to pull Frank out of his studio quickly anyway, and it will be easier if everyone else in the club knows it.

When you arrive at the studio, face Frank and he will attack you with a turret and a group of eternalistic partners.

It is strongly recommended to retreat to a safe corner, or return from a nearby door, and invade the turret, as this will make it much easier to defeat Frank.

After surviving the ambush, Frank will leave the studio to finish his work.

Whether through your hand or the turret you chopped down, Frank will go down. You can ask for his unique SMG for yourself, or you can search for his studio. Here you will find a voice note with the required information.

You can also search for more questions in the Frank’s bachelor apartment upstairs, including why Frank didn’t notice the sabotage, but your main work has been completed.

Whenever it suits you best, you can return to the firework container in Carl Bay and destroy the display mechanism part of the voice note (mine is the flap) to complete the task.

This consolidates your morning routine in the final loop, which means you can take Harriet and Frank from Carl Bay in the morning, freeing up time for more pranks.

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