Inkle’s new game is Overboard !, a reverse murder mystery at sea.

Outboard! Is a replayable detective game where you play a woman on a ship in the 1930s and try to solve her husband’s murder. There’s only one twist, which is great. You killed him. So I’m just trying to hold someone accountable and flee to America without Scott. Finally, a game where you can play girlboss, gatekeeper, and gaslighting!

Outboard! A visual novel by Inkle, a studio known for its high-quality story games. 80 days And Heaven vault. The player navigates the ship and selects a dialog from the menu. The other characters you meet on board are fleshy and remember everything you did and said. You may need to bribe, persuade, or kill other passengers.If someone catches you Seconds Murder, yeah, your trip is only shot in hell.

Outboard! Available for iOS, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC for $ 14.99.