Innovative deck builder Nadir paints a beautiful portrait of hell

Deck building games take a lot of time these days to stand out, but Nadir: A Grimdark Deckbuilder definitely caught my eye. A demo released late last week gave you a glimpse of hell, and I was so excited to dive into it. Something between the desaturated aesthetic and the thick line pens of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, the art style also draws on tattoo designs that a heavy metal Catholic cyclist might get. A skeleton statue, holding a sword, fighting the faceless terror from afar. something like that.

Nadir’s mechanical innovation beyond Fallout Art lies in its resource system. Both you and your enemy share three tablets, which are either Sacral (blue) or Desecrate (red) on any given turn. With a card in your hand, spend one of the tablets to flip the corresponding number of tablets over, and at the same time – tell you exactly what the enemy is going to do. In short, it’s a deterministic fight: you always know what your cards are doing, and you can choose the exact reaction of your enemies. Otherwise it’s an all-out dueling game where you and the enemy are the only contenders, each with their own health pool and status effects.