Inscryption has a free Roguelike expansion pack, you can play now

Inscryption is one of the biggest surprises of 2021, and there is more than one. In addition to being a very good game (after all, it broke our top 10 games in 2021), it has many other things. Those who have seen the end of the adventure but yearn for more creepy card game goodness should be happy to hear that a small extension is now out.

This update is called Kaycee’s Mod and can be used as an infinitely replayable version of the game’s cabin. Players can challenge Leshy in an increasingly difficult series of card battles. Each level will unlock new cards, challenges, and even expand the developer log recorded by the same name. If you have completed Inscryption, you will know the importance of the last point.

To access Kaycee’s Mod, you must right-click on Inscryption in the Steam library. Select “Properties”, click the “Betas” tab, and type “givemeascensionmode” in the code. After entering the start screen, press Shift+K+M to unlock the module. Creator Daniel Mullens also warned that players should back up their save files before accessing Kaycee’s Mod.

in a Steam stickers, Mullens explained that Kaycee’s Mod is a thank you to everyone who has played Inscryption. He wants to appease fans who really like the Leshy’s Cabin chapter of the game. This expansion pack is called a beta version, so expect some final balance changes as well as two new cards/items, more development logs, and even the final encounter at the end of level 12.

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