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What is it? Part deck builder, part puzzle room, part nightmare.
Estimated payment: 18 USD/15 GBP
Developer: Daniel Mullins Game
Publisher: Return number
Comment time: Windows 10, Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 1060
multiplayer game? Do not
release date: October 20
Association: Official website

Sometimes the night of board games feels like a trap. Everyone else wants to play the latest Kickstarter-funded smash, which comes with 100 miniature models and takes an hour to set up, or maybe some European worker placement game about farms, power plants, or colonialism. You can also go with the flow, because social pressure works like this. Inscryption turns this situation into an atmosphere of horror, trapping you in a ghostly hut, and you are forced to act as a deck builder.

Its villain is a dark figure, staring with both eyes and slender fingers, waiting patiently at the table for the game to start. Although he wants to play, he can get up and stretch his legs even in the pain of death. There are trinket stands, skulls, safes and cuckoo clocks on the walls. They are puzzles that need to be solved as part of a larger puzzle: How do you leave this cabin?

In the best state of Inscryption, the card game and the environment are in harmony. The answer to the puzzle in the cabin is hidden in a dirty magic book explaining the rules of the card game, and the reward for solving it is a card. Both advance in parallel. But when I get blocked in one position because I need to hit another with my head, it’s not that interesting.

(Image source: Daniel Mullins Games)

Hut in the woods