Insert and program to match waveforms in this synthesizer-inspired puzzle game

For those who like technology, here is a themed puzzle game: Signal State, a logic game inspired by a modular synthesizer. In it, you are a machine technician, repairing parts to rebuild farm equipment to produce the necessary food.

During playback, you can manipulate the inputs by connecting cables to the inputs and outputs of the module group, all of which are to satisfy a specific waveform on each output. This is all to figure out the logic of how to get from point A to point B using the parts available to you.

It is one of the games that may expand to a large extent depending on your mastery of the puzzle and your understanding of the basic materials: in this case, it is modular synthesizers, sound waveforms, and logic. For me, this is a very impressive new developer’s first entry into one of the most complex genres of PC games-a cumbersome logic puzzle game with a very specific niche theme. It is famous by Zachtronics, and some people even call the whole genre “Zachlikes”.