Intel Arc Alchemist GPU compared to RTX 3070 Ti in new benchmark

The launch of Intel’s Arc Alchemist family of GPUs is getting closer. Detectives are looking for leaks as development draws to a close.hardware leaker TUM_APISAK An entry was found on the SiSoftware website. The results showed that the test card was able to match or beat the Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti in some tests.

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The entry shows a number of specs, which suggests we’re looking at the top of the line for the DG2-512EU model. It contains 512 execution units and 4096 cores of the complete chip. The entry lists a rather odd 12.8GB of VRAM, but that’s probably just a reporting or detection error, as high-end Arc GPUs are expected to include 16GB of GDDR6 memory. A 2.1GHz clock is reported, but we don’t know if this is a base clock or a boost clock, and it may not represent the final product.