Intel confirms i9 12900KS CPU

Intel has confirmed that it will release its new flagship Core i9 12900KS during its CES 2022 show. We recently reported its possible launch based on Intel’s teaser tweet, and now it has been confirmed.

The 12900KS can be increased to 5.5 GHz on a single P core and 5.2 GHz on all P cores. Intel said that it can maintain a 5GHz boost clock for a long time, which is impressive, which shows that Intel’s manufacturing has indeed started and is starting.

(Image source: Intel)

The chip shows Hitman 3 running with the HWiNFO monitoring utility. It shows that all 8 P cores are running at the advertised 5.2GHz, while the 8 E cores are running at 4.0GHz, which is 100MHz higher than the 12900K. The 12900K is already an excellent gaming processor. Once the DDR5 inventory stabilizes, we believe that wealthy gamers will look for them for their high-end devices.