Intel teases Arc graphics card, it has 3 8-pin power connectors

As the launch of Intel’s Arc Alchemist series draws closer, it seems like every day brings new information. Today brings another Nuggets. In a recent interview, Intel graphics researcher Tom Petersen teased a desktop graphics card very briefly. For a full second, a card with three eight-pin PCIe power connectors is shown.

The tease is done through a YouTube interview with HotHardware (opens in new tab), you can see above. We don’t know if this is just a pre-production sample of an engineered board, but it would be a bit unusual to show the latter in a press interview. If a real Arc card had 450W of PCIe connector power plus another 75W through the slot, then we might see a card that’s hot and power hungry, even if it’s not using all the 525W available.