Intel warns again that the chip shortage will continue until 2023

With the rapid spread of Omicron variants worldwide, and the hope of a rapid end to the pandemic gradually disappearing in the rearview mirror, so does our hope for a rapid end to the widespread shortage of chip supply.Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger in Nikkei Asia Interview Said that he does not want the continued chip shortage to ease before 2023. Plans for your new gaming device may have to be postponed for a longer period of time.

Gelsinger’s comments were made during his business trip to Southeast Asia, when Intel announced a 7.1B investment to expand its manufacturing in Malaysia. He mocked Intel’s plans to make more investments and said: “I hope to announce our next major US site and our next major European site in the near future.” It’s great to see that all major semiconductor manufacturers will Part of the huge profits is used for investment, so the world has some buffer to prevent future supply shocks.