Intel’s Arc Alchemist mobile GPU specs detailed in leaked slides

We’ve talked a lot about Intel’s upcoming Arc Alchemist line of discrete graphics cards, and now we have some details about the laptop’s Arc GPU as well.leak from @9550pro, a well-known leaker (via technical point). The release shows a legitimate-looking Intel slide that lists five SKUs.

The leaked slide is titled “DG2 Graphics Memory Configuration.” It lists key specifications for five notebook SKUs.

(Image source: @9550pro)

The high-end SKU (SKU1) looks very similar in specs to a desktop Arc card with 512 execution units, 16GB of 16Gbps VRAM (GDDR6 for sure), delivering 512GB/s total bandwidth on a 256-bit bus. The clock wasn’t revealed, but based on this spec, it’s likely to be a binned and low-clock variant of the desktop card. If it ends up running at the desktop RTX 3070 or 3070 Ti level, then this could be a powerful gaming option.