Into the Breach is getting a free premium extension

Into the Breach is a turn-based tactical game about mechs and bugs, developed by Subset Games, the makers of the outstanding sci-fi adventure sim FTL.And it’s even better: 93% of our reviews say Into the Breach provides the “best tactical” experience (opens in new tab)and chose it as our Ultimate Game of the Year (opens in new tab) 2018.

It gets even better on July 19 with the release of Into the Breach: Premium Edition, which will feature five new mech squads and nearly 40 new weapons, additional enemies, bosses and mission objectives, and New pilots and pilots to expand the original game capabilities. The Premium Edition will also feature a new “Unfair” difficulty mode, support for seven additional languages โ€‹โ€‹(Arabic, Thai, Swedish, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, and Spanish), as well as two new tracks from composer Ben Prunty .

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