Introduce a revolutionary new website concept to VG247-comment area avatar

Hi! It’s been more than a month now-hope you still like the new look of VG247, it has also made some adjustments to its content style, and will continue to do so. If you are one of the people who hated the design when we first released it, I hope you are used to it, and some of our minor adjustments have helped solve the problem that bothered you. Many changes made quietly in the background are based on your feedback.

Today, we launched a revolutionary new concept on VG247. Prepare your soul, because this is the earth-shattering new website technology: You can now have a custom user avatar in our comments section. We have applied for copyright for this idea, just like we proposed the current standard comment score concept.

Just kidding, yes, this is the deal: we know that the comment function on VG247 is a bit hollow compared to the third-party tool Disqus we had before. But Disqus will inject a bunch of advertising-related cookies and the like on pages that we cannot control, which in turn will slow down the page.​​​ It has been a loyal tool for many years, but we knew we wanted to replace it with something new on the new website.

But starting a new website is difficult, especially when you want to migrate tens of thousands of pages of old content and make sure everything is in order. Adding Disqus to a new site and then replacing it later will only create more work-so we use our own system to start, but this means that starting the comment system is very barebones, because our hard-working technical team has a long time Time-list before startup.

We really want to build a community around VG247, which is why we promote more discussions through weekly “what are we playing” posts, etc. Obviously, we want you to say aloud how correct we are in the comments of the review article. Therefore, we will continue to update comments and user account features.

We are also happy to accept suggestions from all of you-but I can tell you that when someone replies or mentions that you are working, comment on the support and proper alert/notification system. When will they come? I don’t know, when they are ready, shut up. But the point is that this system will grow over time.

Don’t forget, this new account system is also a “ReedPop account”, not just a VG247 thing, so you can now use it on our brother site RockPaperShotgun, and eventually it can also be used on Eurogamer, once we are all in The same technology.

Yes. Go to set your avatar. This is how it is done:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to “Settings” and then to “Profiles”.
  3. Set your avatar.
  4. Yes…
  5. That’s it.

There. Your beautiful face, or an image of an anime character that you may or may not have a relationship with, will appear next to your ebullient words. Keep it clean and comply with our community guidelines.

Now seems to be a good time to remind you that you can become a paid subscriber of VG247, it will provide you with an ad-free version of the site and a letter from the editor only for this particular group. If you want to support us in this way, you can get all the details and register on the subscription page.