Introducing Roblox Community Fund

November 15, 2021

Author: David Baszucki, founder and CEO


Before we started Roblox, my co-founder Erik Cassel and I had a long history of co-developing educational software with our previous company, Knowledge Revolution.according to our experience Interactive physics, We know that when students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge through practical experience, problem solving and cooperation with others, their learning efficiency is the highest. This concept is based on a theory called “constructivism,” which was first defined by MIT scholar Seymour Paput, and we still support it to this day.

Our vision and Roblox education It is through the integration of Roblox Studio into STEM courses and the immersive educational experience on our platform that enables students and educators to explore online learning. For example, students do not need to read ancient Rome, but can go there to explore the Colosseum together. Education is still an integral part of our DNA, which is why we continue to provide free software and courses to teach valuable STEM skills such as coding and 3D design. To support our efforts in education, we are happy to launch the Roblox Community Fund (RCF).

RCF aims to help open the next chapter of our educational expansion and support Roblox’s other innovative impact programs. Through the initial $10 million fund, RCF will provide grants to educational organizations that develop courses and educational experiences to use our platform in an immersive and compelling way.

Director of Education at Roblox, Rebecca Kantar, And will now also serve as a director of Roblox Community Fund. Given Rebecca’s passion for education, and her background as an entrepreneur, leader of non-profit organizations, and expert in game-based and simulation-based educational evaluation, we believe that Rebecca is the teaching and teaching and learning tool of Roblox, an ideal leader that helps bring meaningful and high-quality results. learning experience.You can hear more from Rebecca and learn about our original RCF grantees here.

– David Baszucki, founder and CEO