Introducing the August Xbox Game Pass for Skate Bird, PC and Switch

Skate Bird – As you can imagine, the next skateboarding bird game – will be held this summer with a new trailer to celebrate.

Just as you’re a big fan of Tony Hawk’s pro skaters and saw Oriori World at the IGN Expo at IGN Summer of Gaming last night (he also heard about Doki Doki Literature Club Plus and his mentor), you’re wrong No doubt you will love Skate Bird.

The game is provided by Glass Bottom Games in Indie Studios, where you can “explore a lot of bird-sized parks with the simple controls familiar to professional skating sparrowhawks.”

Even better, the focus of the game is mainly on having a good time. “It’s good to get the trick done, but it’s important to do the best,” says the developer. This will reduce some of the pressure. After all, you are just a little bird.

See the trailer below.

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“You are a lonely bird, and your big friend has cut their board forever. Their job is terrible, and lately they are rarely at home to play with you. Cool With the power of being a little skateboarding bird, I’m going to fix everything. “

“You may be small, but the more you skate, the more friends you can make. Birds will come to your park and help you find more parks. Above all, Skatebird will do its best. “

SkateBird will be released on August 12th. vapor You’ll be delighted to know that itching, and that it’s also coming to the Xbox Game Pass for PC.