Introducing Trails, a new family board game from the makers of Parks

parkIs one of the most beautiful games of the last decade and is loved for its complex and balanced gameplay. But like many European board games, Too A complex facility for families and beginners. That’s why it was designed by publisher Keymaster. Trail, A game inspired by park However, it has been streamlined for the more general audience. The pint-sized package will be available on June 20th for $ 19.99.Polygons have an exclusive first look TrailIn addition to the interview with Key master game Founder Kyle Key.

park It attracted attention in 2019 with its non-violent gameplay and stunning graphic design. Polygon calls this one of the most ambitious new games of the year. In it, players hike across the country, buy camping equipment, start campfires and fight hostile weather over four different seasons. Trail It uses the same core concept, but is significantly streamlined. Players simply hike on the table, collecting acorns, rocks and leaves along the way.

Image: Keymaster game

favorite park, Trail Adopting gorgeous artwork from Fifty-nine park A printing series celebrating the project, an American national park. The series features bold visual styles from a great collection of artists (and even better, some of the sales benefit the National Park Service).

playing Trail I was amazed at the simplicity of the system with my family. Once the player has moved the hiker to the end of the trail, the badge resources can be returned. These badges act as a small engine that produces victory points. There is even a way to find the most birds along the way and earn bonus points. Each session ended within 20 minutes ( park 40-70 minutes), the rules were simple and I could easily explain to my 7 year old daughter.

Kyle Key said his team could have made a game about the arts and sciences of hiking. Load up, choose a route and find a shelter along the way. instead of, Trail designer Henry Audubon We decided to focus on the more inspirational aspects of the outdoors. Due to the low level of complexity of the game, there is room for conversation at the table, allowing you to create memories with your closest friends.

“We’re just there to help you connect with the people around you,” said Key. “Once you’ve made a super-heavy game, you say,’I don’t want to play it again.'” I think it ’s one of the most fascinating things about ” park, Parks Memories, [and] What we want now Trail, People have to sit there and share the story together. “

While original park Focused on National park system, Many fans National trail system In the same way.That was the source of inspiration TrailFortunately, Fifty Nine Parks has been expanded to include unique images of the trail system, allowing the Keymaster to jump in quickly. Continental Divide Trail and Pacific Crest Trail-All of these, National Scenic Trail Collection..

The night scene shows a stone arch and a wide open sky filled with stars.

When the first player reaches the end of the trail, the dawn begins. The tiles flip to show alternative art for each location.
Image: Keymaster game

Key said finding the right balance between complexity and design is a big part of his new company journey.

“People are playing more games together,” says Key. “Finding an experience that provides a game, theme, and table experience that is familiar to the family is important to us. To us, art is just as important as gameplay. So we have these We want to make sure the games are on people’s shelves because they are beautiful.

Can be found Trail It will be released at target stores nationwide later this month.


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