Invasion review: Apple’s epic sci-fi version of “We Are Aliens”

There are many ways to imagine what it would be like when we first come into contact with intelligent alien life, but according to the new science fiction TV series Invade, It’s worth remembering that the possibility that we are more interested in alien visitors than they are in us is non-zero.

The new Apple TV Plus series will premiere on October 22, beckoning audiences with a solid, global alien invasion.Because it’s on the same streaming platform as the large sci-fi epic Base with Look, Can be understood as Invade Will have similar shadows: Widescreen genre wonders often show wild new sights. Invade It’s not entirely lacking in this vitality, but the first five episodes—the ones provided to the critics for pre-screening—are completely dedicated to something else. They focus on a series of small, intimate dramas that take place around the world, the moment we discover that we are not alone.

An alien invasion show that doesn’t actually show a large number of aliens in advance may seem frustrating, so it’s worth watching Invade Have a little understanding of what it is doing. Invade When the aliens violently reached the earth, they told the unknown ending from the perspective of five people around the world. They are just a glimpse, so it is impossible to analyze what they are from any episode; the only certainty is that humans are hindering them.

Compared with a full-scale war, the first contact is more like a natural disaster, and most of the characters that follow are not in a position of power to understand or interact with these creatures. On the contrary, they are ordinary people, frustrated or worried about each other in small and ordinary ways.Take away the aliens, and the rest is basically the Internet family drama flying all over the sky this is us.

Before the aliens invaded, each protagonist had gone through a difficult period. Sheriff John Bell Tyson (Sam Neal) is about to retire from his small position in Oklahoma, but he really feels that he has not done enough to clean up his community. Trevante Ward (played by Shamir Anderson) is an American soldier who disappeared in Afghanistan and was later isolated from his troops. Mitsuki (Shioli Kutsuna) is a control room expert for the Japanese space program and has a secret relationship with the female astronaut she is about to send into space. Caspar Moreau (Billy Barrett) is a London schoolboy with a bullying problem. Lord of the Flies Condition. Aneesha Malik (Golshifteh Farahani) found out that her husband Ahmed (Firas Nassar) had an affair with another woman in the suburbs of Long Island where the vast majority of white people were trying to blend in.

In the best case, Invade Use its science fiction crisis to reverse the knife in these stories. Sheriff Tyson is slowly moving towards retirement, and he feels that he has never changed as much as he had imagined. Then he discovered a disaster that he could not repair. Knowing that Mizuki is helping to send her love to the place where she will face the greatest danger, there is a similar dramatic irony in the audience.

These moments are pre-loaded into an effective pilot and then distributed sparsely in the next few episodes. Invade The potential benefits of five storylines were wasted, and five different styles of performance were provided—it used the same brush to paint them, a brush that was more like a soap opera than science fiction. A series of calm internal drama is interrupted by the chaos of the disaster epic.Although both InvadeOccasionally, the coins are valid alone, and the two rarely complement each other in a satisfactory manner.

most, Invade The first five episodes meander from one character to another, slowly advancing their personal drama while increasing their stress levels. Sometimes it will fall into painful stereotypes. Especially in the story of Trivante, the screenwriters of the show seem to be most interested in humanizing the Afghans he meets and inadvertently making them more exotic by not taking their humanity for this is us, Invade The most interesting thing is the emotional connection with its character, not the decoration of science fiction-and it is not afraid to do a little manipulation to reach the goal.

Invade The first three episodes are now being played on Apple TV Plus, and a new episode will be played every Friday.