Invincible’s first trailer teases a simulated adventure in a strange alien world

One of the more interesting game announcements I saw last year was The Invincible, a “retro futuristic atomic punk” thriller based on a 1964 science fiction novel by Polish writer StanisÅ‚aw Lem. As a long-time fan of the golden age and new wave of science fiction, the visual style and promise of Regis 3’s strange journey really rang my bells. The first full trailer was released today, and I am happy to say that my enthusiasm remains the same.

The video starts from the perspective of Dr. Yasna, one of The Invincible’s main characters. He ignored Astrogater Novik’s advice and encountered some serious troubles. It’s all very thick and simulating, with visual elements-crumbling bases, spider-like robots, boxy rover vehicles, and even fuzzy sepia tones-all of which can be taken directly from the Andre Norton paperback. Appeared on the cover. Equally important is the sinister tease of the alien mystery that threatens the crew and even the entire human race. Look at that ray gun! I mean exactly that.