Is Bungie secretly teasing Destiny 2’s next game?

Easter eggs for the next Bungie game may already be in the world, or rather, one of the worlds that make up the Destiny 2 universe. The rumor comes from Christopher Barrett, the yet-to-be-announced game director of the Sony-owned studio, who caused a stir in the Destiny community with a cheeky tweet over the weekend.

Christopher posted this in a post on their favorite video game Easter egg, in response to a fan asking if an Easter egg mentioning an upcoming game in development at Bungie had been added to Destiny 2, similar to Hidden Destiny The Waiting Secret was in Halo 3: ODST years ago.

As you might imagine, this leads to Speculation has risen sharply About what exactly this Easter egg is, if it exists. The problem with this kind of secrecy is that even if it’s right in front of you, it’s hard to know that you’ve found it. But that hasn’t stopped the community, and they’ve started piecing together clues, no matter how small.

For example, Christopher used a specific emoji in a tweet thread embedded above the smiling moon’s face, leading some to half-jokingly suspect that the moon may be hiding the location of the elusive Easter egg. Others are following the codename of this upcoming title: Substance. Both could be valuable clues, but as of now, there have been no discoveries based on either.

Either way, in the minds of part of the community, the hunt is officially on. Whether they’ll find the next big Bungie Easter egg, or end up with nothing, remains to be seen.

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