Is the new world right for you?

The New World uses old MMORPG conventions to create something that feels fresh today, in stark contrast to other types of games that transport players through linear and unified experiences. Instead, the new world challenges players to blaze a trail in player and player territory control, extensive production and collection, and standard mission monster hunting. New World has performed well in the crafting and collection department, crafting your equipment with incredibly satisfying and meaningful progress and helping your friends who may specialize in other crafts rather than yourself.

Do you want to complete it all? you can. With the skill system of the new world, as long as you have enough time and resources, you only need a character who can learn to do anything. The finishing touches on your first exquisite craftsmanship feels great. The player-driven economy also feels lovely, because unloading your luggage at your homestead can further refuel the engine with just a few coins. Although traditional monster smashing and quests have become very mundane here, other aspects of the game-production, collection, various developments, and social focus-make the game compelling and unique today, even with these concepts The MMO scene was very popular a few years ago.

What is the new world? This is a low fantasy MMORPG based on skills.I’m not saying you need It’s good to play, but it makes you better at what you do, similar to things like Skyrim. Runescape may be the title of choice to describe the production mechanism behind the new world. Players become experts through practice, not through traditional upgrades. Hit the rocks, you will be better at hitting the rocks, and you can mine better rocks. Cut trees, harvest plants, fish; whatever you want to do, every pursuit deserves to be great. Of course, your packaging is full of raw materials, it’s time to turn them into processed products. I kind of doubted that the hooks here would last, but after 80 hours of making and collecting the focus, I still stopped to harvest everything in front of me. The New World uses as little as possible the “digital rise” dopamine hit rate. In fact, if this is your focus, there is no need to do too many battles in the new world-you have gained excellent experience from honing your craft, and most of my experience points come from being against me. Proficiency in craft work. Skinning your first few wolves may not make you invested, but once you have some powerful collection tools (you make your own, rolling incredible modifiers) and deal with bears for large pieces of leather and fur, you will Will begin to see how enchanting craftsmanship can be.

These systems are all integrated with each other, encouraging players to put their toes into many craft pursuits. The Flint Pickaxe is not exciting. You use a large number of modifiers to hand-craft the star metal pickaxe to shred resource nodes in an instant, making the resource operation a Zen-like experience. Make great equipment for yourself and your friends, whether it’s a powerful pouch that can hold more items or a wide musket when you travel the world, it feels great. If you like to make and collect, New World is the absolute dunk of the department, and its system can make your time and experience meaningful as you advance in level and area. Survival games often explore the fantasy of living on land and creating a path to greatness, but New World has adopted this concept and turned it into an incredible MMORPG wealth.

Let’s talk about another game. Camelot’s Dark Ages may be the gold standard in the MMORPG world to coordinate the pursuit of territorial players against players’ “domain to domain”. Nevertheless, many gamers today may not be at this important time. There are three factions in the new world, they are constantly fighting for territory, and finally ended in a 50v50 instantiated town occupation war. Although my first war experience was quite intense, the small-scale skirmishes in the minute-to-minute game are still the best part of PVP here. Please note that you must be marked as a PVP to participate, so all PVPs are voluntary and opt-in. Playing against a small group of players while you are out harvesting 1,000 pieces of linen may be more exciting than you think. When you try to kill a player and strategically retreat to the forest line, musket balls and axes fly everywhere. Yes, PVP can evolve into a digital game Zerg that prevails in the open world, but if things get too intense, you can easily turn off the PVP logo in the city and start your business. After all, those trees will not be cut down by themselves. Like many other experiences in the New World, these experiences will be better with one or two friends. Whether you decide to work with a large company or not, you will play a role in the territorial war on the server. However, just like making and collecting, your level of participation in this aspect of the game depends on you.

This may be a good time to talk about another element of the game that is rarely seen in today’s MMORPG scene. Social aspects. Yes, you will have to talk to other players to form a dungeon team. Yes, there is a global chat room where you can talk about anything. Yes, big companies (guilds) will definitely have a lot of dramatic things. I saw in a World of Warcraft guild that divorce and deception ruined life-all of this was pushed and looped into the game’s activities. When you open the game to experience the social experience, not everyone will talk about the fish they caught or the weather, and you may also be pushed into various scenes, accompanied by a lot of screams, poses, and silly nonsense. Of course, you can close chat in the game instead of jumping on Discord to participate in other activities, so some of them are opt-in, but overall, this is a refreshing aspect of the game.

Obviously, no one wants to hear someone’s terrible hatred of other players, but the actual player-to-player communication is over-sterilized in MMORPG and general online games. Well, now you have the opportunity to be a chattering bug again, and it feels very good. Do some cool things? Show off or sell it in the chat! Make friends with tanks of other factions to complete the dungeon. Maybe if you see the person in the PVP scene who later appeared in the world, with the full picture of the sniper shooting on your head, you will keep your hands and sneak into the bushes without being noticed. I did it. After all, he is a good tank, even if he is in that nasty guild where we fight every day. In an online gaming world, many communication tools have been systematically removed to prevent harassment and promote safety, which almost feels like the aggressive behavior that promotes and encourages open dialogue between players-social interaction in the gaming world feels a bit better again . The problematic players are ostensibly handled through an easy-to-use reporting system.

Therefore, traditional players fighting against the environment, or killing ghosts and bears, may be the weakest element in the new world. Traditional dungeon and public mission portal battles provide some differences in addition to eliminating hordes of boring enemies, but compared to the experience provided by other MMOs today, standard enemy battles are not outstanding. The enemies are quite boring, and you will fight the same skeletons and zombies for many days. When you see a giant crocodile for the first time, of course it is cool, but in the end you will realize that this giant crocodile is just a container for leather goods.

I will be as clear as possible here. If you want a game where the toy has good missions and monster battles, then this is not a game. Almost every task is futile or “kill ten mice.” Although other elements of the game allow me to forgive this, I must know that you may not get a satisfactory traditional PVE experience here.

Although it is reasonable to criticize the lack of enemy types and their fairly common nature, the New World has some beautiful landscapes that are well integrated into the entire experience of traveling in this dangerous land. Surprisingly, a prominent element is the environmental design of each territory. Rooted in the flora and fauna of reality, creating a defined area with its look and feel can be challenging, but the new world realizes it here, with areas ranging from prosperous and idyllic areas for new players to sunken swamps and haunted hills After a while, you can judge which field you are in through aesthetics, which is pretty cool. The environment is gorgeous, and the day and night cycle creates some incredible picturesque moments under the stars.

And, if for some reason, you will enter a player-centric MMORPG story, then you will not get anything interesting there. Games with player economy, open world PVP and territorial warfare often tell their stories in the player experience, and the new world is no exception. This is the legendary fish you caught and show off to your guild members. This is an 8-hour battle of fortresses, establishing a permanent competition between the two companies, and the way the servers must endure this ongoing conflict. Sometimes this is just a quaint moment when you slaughter a turkey in the woods for later use. Every action you take and participate in tells this story, but this is not a traditional narrative, and can add up to anything worth participating in. Knowledge does exist, but it is usually attached to notes and ledgers, and it is not convenient or interesting to read.

The new world incorporates the functions and mechanisms of past MMOs and packs them in a way that feels fresh today. Although it’s a bit like a Frankenstein monster in every direction the player can go, in a world where the MMO experience becomes more and more linear, the almost unconstrained freedom is incredibly popular. If you like to use a solid progress system for production and collection, then the new world is a must-play game. If you have a few friends (or many friends) and you like player-to-player server conflicts and a bit of drama, then New World is a must-play game. If you want a great story or interesting mission, New World is not your game. If you are an old-school MMO player who has been lamenting the development direction of this type of MMO for the past 15 years, then “New World” is a must-play game. Now, please forgive me, I have Interstellar Metal, and I am almost ready to make a new bag.