Isaac Board Game Expansion Bind Raises Over $ 5 Million

Edmond McMillen is back in the well with a large new expansion for Isaac’s binding: four soulsA desktop game based on a successful video game. Crowdfunding campaigns have skyrocketed to over $ 5.3 million and are expected to end on July 2. Delivery of the finished product, including significant expansion, is scheduled for June 2022.

Isaac’s binding: four souls Originally launched as a Kickstarter campaign in 2018, it is now available At the target And Amazon..Multiplayer card game was inspired by Magic: The GatheringAbove all, the popular commander format. Players take on the role of characters in The Binding of Isaac games, take on monsters and capture souls. There is also a fair amount of competition as players work to interfere with each other’s strategies.

The $ 35 basic pledge includes 248 cards Requiem In addition to expansion, a small pack of cards to help you revise the original game. The $ 65 pledge includes all of this plus an oversized box to hold everything. The $ 40 pledge, on the other hand, includes a revised version of the base game.

As with many Kickstarter campaigns these days, there’s a bit of nuance as to which pledge level has a stretch goal and which one doesn’t. Don’t forget to investigate the campaign in detail before putting your money. Alternatively, you can drop $ 1 to include it in the pledge manager. This gives you more time and flexibility in making à la carte choices. This is especially appealing to video game fans, as the campaign includes new collectable figurines, clothing and dice.

Campaign Isaac’s Binding: Requiem of the Four Souls Runs until Friday, July 2nd at 1:59 am CDT..