It is best to run your own gas station in gas station simulator

When i see Gas station simulator When I hit Steam, I took a look-it’s usually hard to tell if a new emulator game is popular because it’s a joke or because it’s actually good. After a few hours, I couldn’t stop refueling people’s cars, calling customers and repairing their vehicles.

Surprisingly, the gas station simulator has a plot. The first is that you drive a very cool car-with a smoking head-shaking dog-through the desert, then drive into the Dust Bowl Gas Stop and buy it from the owner. Soon after, you received a call from your uncle telling you that your grandfather once owned it and he would be happy to help you restore it.

Yes, its beginning is almost exactly the same as Stardew Valley. You must even build everything from scratch. Starting from breaking down 2×4 planks into your new gas station and driving a front loader to remove sand from the parking lot and pumps, there is actually a lot of work to do before you start serving customers. Aim and throw trash bags and other garbage into the trash can-Kobe! -Very interesting, you can even track your furthest distance with the “high score” sign of victory. Oh, the kid who kept showing up and stopped with spray paint? Throwing garbage at him is also fun.

(Image source: Drago Entertainment)

If you play this demo, you will start with a fully functional gas station, which only requires a good cleaning. After everything is cleaned up, you will play the role of fueler, cashier and mechanic until you make a certain amount of money, and then the demonstration is over. This is obviously an earlier version because the full game has an improved user interface and controls-it feels less picky and responsive compared to the demo, and it does not record my mouse clicks on certain objects . The complete game also adds customization and maintenance to improve the experience.