It looks like Naruto will come to Fortnite soon

No, your eyes will not betray you.Cross between Naruto with Fortress night In preparation, it will be launched on November 16th.The full scope of this crossover has not yet been announced because we only pass Fortnite Official Twitter.

However, we can look at the previous crossovers to understand what might happen. Recently, Riot Games and Epic collaborated on the release of Arcane and brought Jinx into Fortnite as a guest role. Through this crossover, we saw new character skins, backpack accessories, pickaxes and other in-game decorations.

Therefore, we can safely assume that Naruto’s cross-border incident will be emulated as a previous incident of similar nature. We may see which character joins the cast is still up in the air, but it is most likely Naruto himself. Either that, or another member of Team Seven, such as Sasuke or Sakura.

This kind of crossover seems to be everywhere, but Naruto is certainly one of those very popular IPs, and some people just dream of including it in Fortnite. Naruto will stand out as the first anime character to appear in Fortnite and open the door to future collaborations between Epic Games and other animators.

Recently, Epic Games removed the Travis Scott emoji from Fortnite After eight people died during his performance Astroworld 2021 music festival. Although there is no direct explanation of the cause, it is assumed that this is the result of these events.