It looks like the next mass effect will be made in Unreal

Although the first three Mass Effect games were made using the Unreal Engine 3 version, BioWare began to use EA’s internal Frostbite engine in all of its games. The transition is not easy-the first two Dragon Age games were made using the studio’s own version of the Eclipse engine. According to Mike Laidlaw, this change was the reason why Dragon Age 2’s extension, Exalted March, had to be cancelled. It has also been blamed on Mass Effect: some issues with Andromeda, because of the creation of additional work switching engines and Frost’s lack of specific areas related to animation, map size, preservation system, etc.

This is why it is an important producer of BioWare Provided a job listing for the Deputy Technical Director Said: “BioWare is hiring talented programmers with UE4/5 experience! Come on, join our team and develop the next Mass Effect game with us!” Franchise Director’s Job List (Now removed), described as “the next most senior engineering supervisor in BioWare’s acclaimed Mass Effect series”, and added that “UnrealEngine4+ experience is an asset”, even though the EA template is at the top of the list and says: “Our team uses cutting-edge technologies and tools such as the Frostbite engine to drive innovation.”