It looks like the PlayStation Plus October game has been leaked

It looks like More The free game lineup has been leaked for the second consecutive month.According to new rumors, this month’s games for Sony’s subscription members will include Hell let go For PS5, and Mortal Kombat X with PGA Tour 2K21 For PS4.

The rumor comes from a post on the French trading website Dealer, The same place where the correct lineup of the September game was released before Sony actually confirmed it. (cheers, VGC).

If the leak is accurate, and the moderator on the website seems to think it can start from scratch, this will be the first time we get Hell Let Loose on the console. This game (a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter with the background of World War II) was launched on PC earlier this year, but it has not yet been launched on consoles. It will land on game consoles on October 5th, so the schedule for PlayStation Plus is very good.

Mortal Kombat X may not be the latest game in the highly regarded fighting game series, but it is still worth playing-especially if you are a fan of horror games. After the game was released, a set of DLC was added and players were provided with iconic characters such as Alien’s Xenomorph and Jason Vorhees.

Speaking of the final game of the trial, PGA Tour 2K21, which was launched last year and has been very popular ever since.

For Sony, the performance in the past few months has not been good. Even in August, the company itself incorrectly released the lineup for that month in advance. Let’s see if the same thing will happen again in November.