It’s possible to kill some of Sifu’s toughest enemies in a single hit

You can KO non-boss enemies in Sifu without killing them, which means that the brawler can be completed without murdering any of the dozens of minions guarding its five bosses. Perhaps that’s the ‘true’ way to beat Sifu, if you’re not trying to be its villain. I’ll never know, because in order to finish the game I used a cowardly trick that has no place in a gentler run, since it involves sticking swords in people’s guts.

Something I like about Sifu is that it doesn’t explain every detail of its fighting system, so if you don’t want one of its little touches revealed to you, maybe go check out Natalie’s comparison between the game and Sloclap’s prior work, Absolver . Otherwise, here’s what the trick is all about: