It’s time to return video games to the Matrix

We are all talking about the Matrix in the virtual Game informant The trailer and the office after the trailer Matrix resurrection. Its December release is not fast enough. Although fans of The Matrix have waited 18 years for the new members of the film series, it reminds me of a similar gap since the last time Neo and other Zion refugees appeared in video games. With the exciting revival of such a key series, I would love to see someone restart the Matrix in the game.

Our only virtual experience with The Matrix was in the early 2000s in a three game plan built around the second and third films in the trilogy.The first is “Into the Matrix”, which is a bridge story around the ghost and Niobe’s exploits, and the third character is Reload the matrix with revolution. Bringing the game into a cross-media marketing/storytelling format and the experience I remember like is a novel idea, but I’m sure it’s not completely tenable these days.

Next is The Matrix Online, which is an MMO that uses the myth of the movie, allowing players to team up with other people and live the online Gothic Matrix life. Unfortunately, when the MMO was released in 2005, the competition was fierce and it was unable to obtain the appropriate appeal to survive. The Matrix Online closed at the end of 2009. Finally, The Path of Neo allows players to follow Thomas Anderson’s film journey, from ordinary programmers learning Kung Fu to omnipotent technology Jesus.

You may ask, what will the matrix game look like now? I think it can develop in several different directions.The most interesting thing for me is to focus on action matrix Known. Fast-paced martial arts fighting, acrobatic gunfights, and of course the use of the iconic bullet time of the series and creative camera movements make the fighting feel like a spectacle. Games like Absolver or the upcoming Sifu have a style and focus on unarmed combat, I believe this will be a good place to start realizing the Matrix feel. Combining Superhot’s time advance action can bring a new experience to Matrix bullet time, and allow players to perform pathological skills and actions that cannot run at full speed.

It would also be cool to get a page from a game like Frog Fractions 2 and hide a Matrix story in another game. The Matrix is ​​about starting to know nothing about the real world and then being drawn into another very different reality. I don’t know how to hide this secret in the days of rampant saboteurs and ruthless data miners on social media, but I support this idea.

No matter what type of game it is, I want a story that does not depend on the usual suspects matrix movie. The universe has nearly two decades of blank narrative space to deal with, and you can tell countless stories during this time.After the incident, most of the key players were out revolution, How does humanity continue to advance, and what changes have taken place in the real world and the Matrix over the years?

I am already planning my rewatch matrix Trilogy preparation resurrectionReleased in theaters and HBO Max on December 22. I even tracked down copies of Enter The Matrix and Path Of Neo to see how they performed. What are your thoughts on the trailer for the new movie, and what do you want to see in the new Matrix game? Do you want an MMO return or a more focused action game that you like? Log in to the comments below and tell me you know language skills.