Jackbox Party Pack 8 launched a new Drawful, a deception game, etc. in October of this year

Jackbox Party Pack 8 Arrived on October 14th, providing fans with a new batch of stupid party games in time for all these Halloween parties. The game is about to land on PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as Switch and PC.

So what’s new in Party Pack 8? Five games, that’s it! You can view them in the trailer above, but, in terms of returning to favorites, there is also Drawful: Animate, a new version of the beloved Pictionary style game, which now allows 3-10 players to create animated gifs.

Job job tasks 3-10 players answer the job interview questions by using a combination of stupid answers that other players may answer.

Poll Mine was promoted as the first competitive team game in the series. 2-10 players are trapped in a mine. The only way to escape is to arrange your group’s survey answers correctly.

The Wheel of Enormous Proportions is a trivia game where 4-8 players answer questions by spinning a nominal giant wheel.

Finally, there is weapon drawing, which is Jackbox’s view on deceptive games. You must solve the murder committed by your friend, and at the same time draw out the weapon to commit your own homicide. It supports 4-8 players.

According to the series, Jackbox Party Pack 8 can be played by visiting Jackbox.tv in a browser, traditionally using a mobile phone. In addition to having your friends, up to 10,000 viewers can watch and participate in certain games to help influence the results.

Compared with the previous series, how do you think Jackbox Party Pack 8 will stack up? What game excites you the most? Share your opinion in the comment area!