Jagged Alliance 3 announced, please don’t be bad

The original Jagged Alliance is an old-fashioned turn-based tactical game from the 1990s. The content is to form a coveted team of mercenaries from the catalog, just like you are browsing Amazon to find a killer. Each of the 60 talkative mercenaries has a history, and although they will help you retake Metavira Island department by department, they do not all get along well. Competition has erupted, and some people are asking for a raise, quitting if you fire their friends, or ignoring orders if you don’t let them kill an enemy. Managing their fickle personalities is just as important as setting action points.

After the 2004 Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire, the series was silent for several years. Although very suitable for the revival of the XCOM style, the recent follow-ups Jagged Alliance Online, Jagged Alliance: Operation Return, Jagged Alliance Flashback, and Jagged Alliance: Wrath! All have been treated badly.