Jagged Alliance 3 brings back the PC tactical series after 23 years

The 25-year-old turn-based tactical series Jagged Alliance will finally launch its second sequel-and the first of this century- Jagged Alliance 3, Came to Windows PC on an unannounced date.

Jagged Alliance 3 Will be developed by Haemimont Games and published by THQ Nordic, which Obtained the Jagged Alliance IP 2015 THQ Nordic also made the original version on Friday Jagged Alliance: Gold Edition Free on Steam, To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the publisher. Jagged Alliance: Gold Edition Including 1995 games and their 1996 derivative games, Jagged Alliance: Deadly Game.

THQ Nordic says Jagged Alliance 3 Will be the “true successor of the beloved series”. In it, players will command a mercenary in the fictional Grand Chien country against a brutal paramilitary opponent called The Legion.

Jagged Alliance 3 Combine tactical depth, turn-based combat and exploration of a large game world with strategic elements. a series of. “

The game will also include “RPG elements, such as providing special perks or upgrades for your mercenaries, and looting and customizing your arsenal,” the announcement said.

Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, Haemimont Games specializes in strategy and city building games, but has never dealt with the Jagged Alliance series. Jagged Alliance 2 Published in 1999 and subsequently Deadly game.

Since then, the series has received various expansions and content packs on different platforms, including the 2012 Sawtooth Alliance: Restarting operations, Full remake Jagged Alliance 2.