Jagged Alliance 3 is re-developed and will land on PC “soon”

Fans of the Jagged Alliance series have been waiting for the third edition of the series for a long time, and this wait will soon end.

Yesterday during its anniversary, THQ Nordic announced Jagged Alliance 3 Being developed for PC.

Among the works of Haemimont Games, the game is known for its tropical series, Survival Mars and Victor Fran’s works, and the successor of the series will be released “soon”.

This time, you will command a mercenary in the fictional Grand Chien country. As a paramilitary force called the “legion” took over and kidnapped the president, the land was “in chaos.”

In the game, you can look forward to tactical turn-based battles and explore the big world with strategic elements, including controlling territory, training local troops, and selecting multiple squads from the series of known mercenaries.

It also has RPG elements, such as providing special perks or upgrades for your mercenaries, and looting and customizing your arsenal. The game will also adopt a multiplayer cooperative mode.

The game was first released in 2004 and seemed to be in trouble from the beginning. When it was announced, Strategy First and Game Factory Interactive revealed that it was being developed with Russian studio MiST Land South. By 2005, Strategy First withdrew the copyright of Jagged Alliance 3 from the studio and planned to make the game in-house.

In 2006, the game was outsourced to Akella and F3games, and a 2008 release window was set. After being postponed to 2010, it was revealed that Akella stopped the development of the game in 2009.

In 2010, bitComposer Games obtained the copyright of the “Jagged Alliance” series and set a release window for 2011. However, in 2015, Nordic Games obtained the IP and then handed it over to Haemimont Games.

So, this has been a long time, and I hope that the fans’ wait is worth it.