January’s Xbox Live game golden lineup leaked

There seems to be some pipeline problems in the gaming industry at the moment, because leaks are emerging to the left, right, and center. After the Xbox Live Gold game and Epic Game’s 15-day Christmas gifts were leaked in December, the secret game revealer, Car only Xbox’s January gold game lineup has been launched. What a rascal.

Reliable leakers report that the January Xbox Gold Game Live Games are: two-pole shooter/RPG NeuroVoider, mini/hand-made RPG Aground and shooter, Radiant Silvergun and Space Invaders Infinity Gene vile duo. Although fans of large AAA epics may be disappointed, the first month of 2022 seems to be a golden age for fans of all arcade games.

Billbil-kun has always been a busy bee, and also leaked Sony’s January PlayStation Plus lineup. According to authoritative sources, the first PS Plus game in 2022 will be: Deep Rock Galactic (PS5 / PS4), Dirt 5 (PS5 / PS4) and Persona 5 Strikers (PS4).

Have you ever wondered what prompted a mysterious game to leak the duty police? Well, Dealabs users have revealed their inspiration (via a somewhat unstable Google Translate:

“Help you plan your purchase… For example, don’t jump on fake promotions, or postpone your purchase if you plan to buy today. Our goal is simple, to save as much as possible.”

You have it, a good Samaritan game-our monthly sale Robin Hood. We salute you, our mysterious French friend. Want to know which games will be launched in 2022? We have provided you with protection.