Japan: Fami claims that Nintendo Switch (OLED model) sold 138,409 units during the launch weekend

Japanese sales tracker Famitsu announced that it had transferred a considerable 138,409 units of Nintendo Switch (OLED model) to Japanese consumers on Friday, October 8, indicating that Nintendo continues to rule the console space in the land of sunrise. Famitsu previously announced that Nintendo Switch sold 330,637 units in 2017, and Switch Lite sold 177,936 units in 2019.

“The OLED model will be more popular than the standard or Lite model, supported by existing owners, who will upgrade from the old model or add another unit to their family. Nintendo is similar to Tesla in providing unique products, just like a car company Likewise, it has an avid fan base.”

Serkan Toto, an industry consultant in Tokyo

“Since most people who plan to buy a Switch now own one, seeing the supply return to balance after a few months of shortages may indicate that some demand, especially the one that was pulled up during the peak of the pandemic, is now fading.”

Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Matthew Kanterman.