Japan: Nintendo Switch’s No. 1 sales in 2021, with sales of more than 5 million units, Monster Hunter Rise best-selling software

The Nintendo Switch series system has proven to be a huge success in Japan, with 5.3 million units sold between December 28, 2020 and December 19, 2021 last year. The gaming industry reported that the Nintendo Switch series system transferred five times the total sales of all other game consoles. The sales of PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo 3DS totaled 1.1 million units. However, it should be noted that the latest game consoles from Sony and Microsoft are subject to supply restrictions on a global scale.

Japanese hardware sales in 2021:

  • Nintendo Switch series system: 5.3 million
  • PlayStation 5: 942,798 units
  • Xbox Series X|S: 5,598
  • PlayStation 4: 103,786.
  • Nintendo 3DS: 28,224 units