Jennifer Hale romance Tari with “I want to bring Commander Shepard back 100%” in the next Mass Effect

Last year we saw the following Mass Effect for the first time. In this video, we showcase the timeline of events that bridge the gap between Andromeda, the trilogy, and the extended traditions found in books, comics, and even movies. The video ends with a shot of a matriarchal Riara with a lifeline on the face and a grin on the lips, so you can see that the future of Mass Effect is very likely to be set hundreds of years ahead. .. In the two galaxies represented between the trilogy and Andromeda, the sky is the (literal) limit of where the next mass effect can go. When Commander Shepard himself sat down with Jennifer Hale, we had to ask where she wanted to see in the future of this space franchise.

I think most of the community agrees with her when she says Game informer Reverberating “Yes!” She wants Commander Shepard to come back in some way. “I want to bring the shepherd back 100%,” she told us. “I want to explore the relationship with Garrus, Thane and Liara, and that’s all!”

She goes one step further, “I want to build on the romance that FemShep can do and allow everyone to romance Jack. I just want to go back to this story in any position. I love it, Mark I want to be like Meer (voiced by a male Commander Shepard), where I can be this strange alien that no one knows I am. “

For those who don’t know, Meer has voiced quite a few different characters in the Mass Effect trilogy, including “Meno like you” Vorcha at the epicenter of Omega, like Hale.

It’s interesting to note that Hale wants Tari to be romanced by Femshep and Jack. The modding community is working hard to restore the cut dialogue from the game, but some homosexual romance options have been left on the floor of the cutting room. Some characters weren’t the intended role of a particular character, so others were removed due to social pressure from Fox News (Jack in this case). Since the first appearance of these games, there has been a hot topic about trilogy. Thanks to the remaster, a whole new generation of gamers are enjoying the story and seeing a resurgence. Like Kaidan, some of these options were later released to both BroShep and FemShep, but the first and second games were very scarce. In order for FemShep to assemble to increase space RPG romance options that reflect player choices and internal decisions, BioWare will consider restoring cut audio content left for modders to recover. It’s really great to see.

I’d love to see the shepherd come back, but I don’t think it’s disappointing yet. After the release of the Legendary Edition, my trilogy has had a maximum of 34 playthroughs. I enjoy books, comics, codex and anime very much. Being familiar with this franchise, I created it extensively (and I mean an extensive analysis of the following Mass Effect teaser trailers on what the two galaxy stories mean for this franchise. I also pulled it from the cartoon itself in a mass effect! If you want to know more, you can find out more here.