Jet Set Radio meets badminton is this fashionable sports game

Although my memory of badminton brings back the sweaty and embarrassing scenes in middle school physical education class, Virtuoso Neomedia’s Radmington Turn this light-hearted sport into a stylish and fierce competition-with flaming birds and sporty streetwear.

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We have an incredible set of games this week, ranging from ambitiously absurd to downright stupid. There is a game with hundreds of marbles, a game completely embroidered by hand (yes, you read that right), a game is about to land on the Game Boy Advance, a 3D fighting game inspired by anime fighting scenes.

Badminton has never been so hardcore (and stylish)

This badminton game, Radmington, From Virtuoso Neomedia It seems to be the most intense form of exercise. Ethan Redd, the developer behind animations and models, Posted a GIF In a game, the character hits a badminton (also known as a bird) on fire back and forth.The game issued a major Jet radio With its stylish animation style and stylish character atmosphere. Radmington No release date yet, but you can follow the team Twitter account of the studio.

Imagine a super monkey ball, but there are hundreds of monkey balls

Part of the reason I like game jams is that they give developers the opportunity to try new concepts and push the limits of the game. Here, the developer Sophie Houlden Try to see how many marbles there are They can adapt to a course.You can check their progress here, but at some point they are suitable 350 marbles On a stage. This is a trip to watch all this unfold on Twitter.There is a game build Download now You can follow Holden on their Twitter Account to Seize all their future creations.

An upcoming game from Game Boy Advance

Thankfully, I can play a brand new Game Boy Advance game in 2021 (or maybe later because it takes time to make the game). Created by the duo Rik and Jeremy, Good boy galaxy Is a Action platform game There you can explore the universe like a dog. Interestingly, the developers are planning to release a physical copy for GBA. The team still plans to release the game on PC and Nintendo Switch, but it is great to see independent developers developing GBA games with the enthusiasm behind updated classics such as the remake of Advance Wars.

The next frontier in game graphics?embroidery

Developers often talk about “hand-drawn” games. good, Brad Smith with Camille Carpentier Raise the stakes by releasing a game called “Full Hand Embroidery” Carter Putt. The game is a “simple” 2D side-scrolling and platform game starring a cat.These two people are made for game jam, you can actually Play now in the browser.

Attack and dethrone God in this anime-style fighting game

The unique art style can really make a game. So when you get something that looks interesting based solely on gameplay, it’s really special. This was the case when I saw this unnamed game from Wazen.Developer Posted a video showing A compilation of game recordings. At a certain moment, we can see a character jumping up and aiming at a helicopter for a series of attacks.The game does not have a release date or name, but you can check their Developer’s Twitter account.