Jeter: Far Shore Review

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What is it? A poetic science fiction adventure about the escape of mankind from extinction.
Expect to pay GBP 24 / USD 30
Developer Super Brothers and Rosin
Publisher Super Brothers and Rosin
Review date AMD Ryzen 5 3600, Radeon RX 5700 XT, 8GB RAM
multiplayer game? Do not.
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This is a science fiction story we have all heard of. Mankind once again messed up the earth. In order to save civilization, it is now necessary to find a new home among the stars.The analogy is complete, but when the independent studio Superbrothers announced Jeter: Far Shore It will be their own metaphor, and I am very excited. Nearly ten years have passed since the studio released “Sword and Demon”-a meditative and contemplative adventure about warriors exploring unfamiliar and mysterious realms-and saw the team and Pine Scented embark on a great science fiction adventure where science and spirituality meet. It is an exciting thing.

In most cases, Jett: Far From Shore succeeded in doing this. Its sublime and comprehensive story about humans and beliefs takes you into its strange world. Jet’s humans are not only looking for a new home, but they are also exposed to the “wave of praise”, which is a sacred invitation from outer planets in outer space. Desperately escaping from the dying planet suffocated by the industrialized black plume, a group of space scouts were formed to examine the planet to see if this strange world—”the remote coast”—can become a new home for their people.

(Image source: Super Brother/Rosin)

In the opening scene, when the team boarded the spacecraft and was ready to take off, everyone gathered to say goodbye. Hundreds of people in the ocean, they are all singing the same lament as farewell. This is a gloomy and powerful start to the game, setting high risks for the task in front of you.

This is a gloomy and powerful start to the game, setting high risks for your previous mission