Jeter: Summary of Far Coast Review, all scores

Superbrothers, the small team behind indie games Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Been teasing Jeter: Far Shore Wait a minute. It has appeared in multiple PlayStation demos, it has received a lot of hype on social media platforms, and it has also attracted the interest of some of us on VG247.

But for this game, reviews have now come out, and opinions differ-some reviewers seem to be satisfied with its often annoying and difficult system, while others really don’t accept Jeter’s wanton and clumsy production methods.

In Jett: The Far Shore, you are sent on an interstellar journey, in an action-adventure movie that “opens up the future for the people who are plagued by forgotten”. As a scout and “hermit” named Mei, you will be the first to be deployed to the ocean planet.

This game “rubbed our own Tom Oli in an extreme way and in the wrong way” and became “It turns out that it has [he] I want to get it from the game”, which is very worrying.

The Star Adventure game will be released on October 5th-today! – Applicable to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Epic Games Store. But is it worth buying? Please continue reading the following.

  • VG247 review impression: Before you rush to hand in the asking price, please consider Jett: Far Shore. This is not a game that feels good to play. If you can see through it, it might have something to say, but I really don’t think it’s worth your time.
  • inverse -9/10
  • WCCFTech – 7/10
  • new media – 6/10
  • Gaming radar – 6/10
  • Game point – 5/10
  • Tilt magazine – 5/10
  • Polygon – Jett: The Far Shore is a simple game, but it is beautiful and worth your time. It can make the space a little scary without going over the top, and it strikes a good balance between saccharin and grayness. Far Shore is a journey I am very happy to participate in, even if the company is a bit too talkative.
  • European players -A deep but extremely exciting space voyage