Jinx will come to Fortnite at Epic / Riot colab

It looks like Riot Games and Epic Games are working together Jinx From Riot’s popular MOBA League of Legends coming soon Fort nightThis is the first time a character from Riot has appeared in a game outside of their own work, marking the explosive beginning of a broader collaborative effort between the two studios.

Character skins, as well as a series of other items suitable for themes, such as customized Jinx picks, sprays, back decorations and loading screens, will be available today at 8pm Eastern Standard Time / 5pm Pacific Standard Time / Greenwich Standard Time is released at midnight. Just a few days before “Arcane” (Riot’s animated show) landed on Netflix, this marked the latest event in the wider promotion of the series.

In addition to Jinx being incorporated into Fortnite, we also see a wider collaboration between the two studios, because most of Riot’s games, including League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Runeterra Legends and Valorant, will enter Epic Games to Epic Games Shop.

This is a major move by Riot and sets a truly exciting precedent for potential future collaborations. Nothing can attract more game audiences than the Fortnite player base, and putting one of Arcane’s main characters into this weekend will definitely attract a considerable number of people from the base to watch it.

The news came shortly after Epic announced the closure of the Fortnite test server in China, probably because they still lacked official licenses in the region after three years. We talked with some players on this server to evaluate their reaction and how they sent a unique version of Battle Royale.