JJ Abrams confirms that the portal movie is under active development with Warner Bros.

Game adaptation has become very popular in recent years, but what about portal movies that have been confirmed to be under development? JJ Abrams sheds some light on the future of Valvetake and confirms that it is still under active development at Warner Bros., but also updates that it is no longer actively involved in the rumored half-life adaptation. Did.

Don’t worry if you don’t remember the portal movie that was released-it’s been a while. In 2013, it was announced that both Abrams and Valve are working together to bring physics-based adventures to life in new ways.

Abrams said IGN During a recent press event, “Actually, I have a script written for a portal movie. [Warner Bros.].. I’m so excited about the take and pitch that I feel like I’m finally on track. “

He didn’t check any other information, such as who wrote the next movie, but he added that it had a lot of potential and would be “very fun” for the fans. That said, he reiterated that it would be a fun adventure for Warner Bros. to take command. The portal, in particular, has a fairly open-ended storyline that makes it easy to move in the creative direction of your choice.

I don’t know exactly what the story fits into. Will it star Chel? Do you want to get the queue from the first or second portal? Who is the new director? Who portrays the infamous Cave Johnson and all his lemons? !! The world needs an answer, Abrams, the world needs an answer!

Are you excited about the progress of portal movies? What do you want to see in future adaptations? Listen to your thoughts in the comments section below. Do it for Wheatray!